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Creating A WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website Nowadays every business and organization need a website for their functional work. Even personal own websites need to be done. So, you need to know how to create a WordPress website based on something.

You may ask why WordPress website? WordPress is so easy to use and WordPress has gained a lot of popularity around the world because it’s really easy to create and manage websites. You can easily add new posts and pages with pictures, videos to your WordPress website.

When WordPress first started, but WordPress was just a commonplace where bloggers could organize their posts, since it was the first step in the CMS world, it has only grown and grown since it is one of the most advanced and secure CMS available to the general public today Platform.

Creating a WordPress CMS Website

Creating a WordPress site from scratch is not difficult, but you need patience and time.
Need a domain name The first step to creating a website is buying a domain name. A domain name is the virtual address of your website, for example, – it’s the domain name.

Website Hosting After you purchase a domain name, you should also purchase a good host. A hosting company looks at all your file storage and ensures that people visiting your website are able to evaluate your published pages.

Download WordPress and the next step you need to do with a domain name and a host is to download WordPress so you can work on creating your own website or blog. Download WordPress from Google and you find the right link
Install WordPress on your hosting site and when you purchase a host make sure they support WordPress. Once it is downloaded and the correct host is purchased, log in to your account and install WordPress on your host site.
After that customize your website Post Content – Now the basic design of your website is done; Be prepared to post information on your website. It’s now you’ve now found yourself a fully functional website using the WordPress CMS platform.

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