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Make Money From Google Adsense
Make Money From Google Adsense

Make Money From Google Adsense

Make Money From Google Adsense.

But you need to know Rules for Adsense Google Adsense has got ideas from other articles about what can be done from it, how to get good results. Now know how to do the job in reality. AdSense can be used for any website. For Adsense Registration Visit their website at Identify Your Name-Address-Site Google’s general rule is that you will only use your current site if you do not have your own site, you will not have the opportunity to register for AdSense as a person or organization. If something happens outside the rules, they may not allow you to use AdSense. If the cause is not known then they.

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To summarize what they do not support;
Pornography or adult sites may not be used
Aggression, violence, etc. cannot be promoted
Nothing can be retained without breaking the copyright law
Visitors cannot be requested to click
Alcohol, alcohol, cigarettes cannot be sold, promoted
Visits that annoy visitors cannot be posted

After creating an account in your own name, you have to use this site for any purpose related to AdSense. The AdSense login page will require an email address and password. After logging in, you will have the opportunity to make changes to your account settings, starting with your account information. There is no need for a new user to learn everything at once.

There are certain sizes for AdSense to choose from. Aids such as banners, medium rectangles, skyscrapers, etc. can be text links, image or videos. In the case of video links, the videos will not be submitted to your site; if the visitor clicks there, Google will play from the server, usually using text. Using one type of ad produces good results. You can test which types of ads get the most clicks and change them at any time. After adjusting the ad set, it has previews. Customizable text, colors, etc. for ads. Adjust the colors to suit your site.

Adding code to the site

After changing the preferences, click on the Save and get code button will get some online code. You will need to copy this HTML code and use it on your site

Aid Performance Page
Use this page to find out how many clicks or revenue your AdSense ad has received. You can get reports as the time of day, week, month, etc. How much is your income, all the information can be found here

The rule of getting money

Google will write a check in your name after you have deposited $ 1 into your account. It may take a few months to deposit $ 5 in the beginning. So as soon as you start work, you will not get paid. Checks will be sent in your name every month if regular money is deposited. You can accept check by ordinary post or courier. In addition to electronic payments, your account settings page can be changed to log in, payee name, address of the receiver, etc.

Caution about clicks

If you click on the link thinking that you will earn money by clicking the link, your AdSense registration will be canceled. Google has False-Click Verification. Do not try to click by yourself or with acquaintances Many people say millions of dollars a year. If a large amount of visitors goes to the site, a large number of clicks are possible. In fact, it is better not to rely on the number of cases. The income that can be earned in this manner is sufficient, it is safe to assume

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